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About Us

Ready Gas has been a leading provider of propane in Central Indiana since 1938. We provide tanks for home heating, construction, business, agricultural, and temporary. We deliver to all over Central Indiana with NO DELIVERY fees, nor are there any other fees such as tank rental, fuel surcharge, or HAZMAT fees. The only thing you pay for is the gas in the tank. Ready Gas was started in 1938 and owned by one family until 2007. In 2007 Roger Thayer and Jim Ogilvy purchased the company from the Mohler family. Since then we have continued to keep the same great service at an affordable price. We stay very price competitive throughout the year and heating season. All while providing unmatched service and safety. While propane pricing can be very competitive we pride ourselves on having the best service possible. We are a family owned company and we treat our customers like family. Call us anytime to find out how we can serve you.

Tank Sizes

We do not charge tank rent.

Tank sizes

  • 60 gallon
  • 120 gallon
  • 250 gallon
  • 500 gallon
  • 1000 gallon

Call us and we can help decide what size tank you might need.

New Customers

We would love for you to join our family of satisfied customers. We have a great new customer price throughout the year with a lock in price your first year. Any customer that has a 500 gallon tank set or large is eligible for $100 off their first bill.

Refer a friend or neighbor. Any customer that refers a friend or neighbor will receive a $50 credit. There is no cap on referrals. It can be done as many times as you want.

Call us today to find out more.

(317) 862-6618

Billing Plans

Available Billing Plans

  • Pre-Buy Plan: The Pre-Buy plan comes out every summer. It allows you to pre-buy as much gas as you want at a set price. A major advantage of this option is that you can look back on how much gas you used the previous year and make your purchase based on that. Also when you make this purchase you lock in your price for gallons you purchased so you don't have to worry about the price going up in the winter months.
  • Budget: The Budget option is a nice option to have if you want to budget your payments into monthly payments. Our manager will work with you and together decide a monthly payment that would allow you enough gas for the year based on your prior years usage.
  • Keep Full: The Keep Full plan is simply a way to make sure you never run out of gas. When you sign up to be a customer, you let us know you want to be kept full and we will make sure we always keep your tank full. We will monitor your tank with help from you and make sure to keep it full. You will pay for the deliveries as they come. Also if you pay your bill within 10 days of receiving it, you will receive a 5 cent per gallon discount. Pre-Buy and Budget plans are also both Keep Full plans.
  • Will Call: Will Call is on you. With the Will Call plan you call us when you want gas and we bring it to you and you pay for it.

Contact Us

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Store Manager
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Accounts Receivable
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Propane Delivery and Technician
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Propane Delivery and Technician